Tips to Improve Your Watercolor Pencil Drawing

Watercolor pens are an exquisite medium for making exquisite artwork. They combine fine drawing with delicate painting in such a way that no other medium could possibly duplicate. Watercolor pen are like traditional pencils, except that they act differently when water is added to them. The drawing surface is damp and hence the paper is painted by the nib. Some watercolor pens have an option to dry flat, which allows the ink to be drawn on the dry paper.
Many watercolor pencils have the option to dry flat, which allows the ink to be drawn on the dry paper. If you would like to practice this technique, you could draw first on a piece of paper and then once it is dry, erase it. This way you will have a better idea about how this art form works. Waterbrush drawing is similar to brush drawing in that the surface is damp and hence, the paint is drawn on the wet paper.
Waterbrush painting means you use two different types of watercolor pencils from Amazrock. For drawing out the tones, a thick brush works well, while for shading out details, you could use a thin brush. In the earlier times, artists used watercolor brushes in combination with other tools. However, today, even the artists themselves do not recognize the need to have separate brushes for doing the same work.
When you are doing any kind of watercolor painting, you need to blend the different colors in the sketch to get the desired effect. But before you begin, you must select the colors that you are going to blend. If you start blending colors at the very beginning, you may not get the desired results. You should blend the sketches using a small amount of waterbrush and blend them well.
Another important thing that you should keep in your mind is that you should use dry layering technique in order to get best results. The reason behind dry layering is that it helps you to give shape to the drawing. Also, you will find that using the dry-laying technique is easier than using the wet techniques. One of the most common methods of watercolor pencil drawing is called the gradient effect. When you use gradient effect in your water color pencil drawings, you will find that this technique is quite difficult but once you master it, you will love it.
The process of layering is done by putting one color on the top of the previous layer and applying it over the previous layer. For perfect application of wet layers, you will need the help of some beginner's watercolor pencils that you have bought. When you are using wet layers, make sure that you blend the color with the brush after every time. In order to get a perfect blend, you will need to apply three to four strokes to the sketch.